Movie REVIEW on Chennai Express


Spicy Madrasi Chicken Masala but, Half-Cooked !

CAUTIONING: How awkward it feels when one orders an expensive/mouth-watering delicacy in a Five Star restaurant & the waiter finally ends up serving a half boiled/colorless dish, which tastes much similar to hostel foods?


How incompatible it appears when you smell the strong mustard oil flavour coming out from a Madrasi Chicken Masala, despite using coconut oil for cooking of the same ?

Strange, no ? And, thats exactly what ‘Chennai Express’ – the latest presentation from Red Chillies Entertainment & UTV Motion Pictures offers during the 141 minutes running time !!

My advice: Please carry a pain reliever with you, if you want to save your optic & auditory nerves from repeated disturbances by visual & noise pollution !!

STORY (written by K.Subhash): Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) is a 40-year-old man from North India, who boards the train ‘Chennai Express’ in order to immerse the mortal remains of his late grand father in the river in Rameshwaram…In the train, he meets a beautiful young lady Meena (Deepika Padukone) who fled away from her home because her father wanted to marry her off to somebody else..The story now progresses through different notches & angles till the audience gets sick and tired of all the loud drama going on in the big screen !!

Since there is nothing new or interesting in the storyline, so, better not to disclose further about the plot & take away the residual ‘facts’ from this mindless drama !!


1) Cinematography by Dudley & Sets by Narendra Rahurikar are impressive !!

2) Song depictions by Chinni Prakash, Raju Sundaram & Farah Khan are praiseworthy, while action scenes, (by Jai Singh Nijjar) despite being totally unrealistic will surely appeal the target audience !!

3) Acting by all the co-actors are good..A special mention to Priyamani for her remarkable item number (One Two Three Four)…In the same frame, with her limited time scope, she brilliantly grabbed more attention than Shah Rukh Khan (for her being naturally seductive..a quality which unfortunately many item song dancers lack) !!


1) This year, Award for the ‘Best Director’ should be given to Rohit Shetty for his outstanding direction..With his innovative directional expertise, public often forgot to laugh in funny scenes for their laughter spree had already been mis-utilized in emotional sequences earlier in the movie !!

2) Music by Vishal-Shekhar is just average…Also, another award (hopefully, Grammy) should be awaiting for Honey Singh for composing that utterly unforgettable track ‘Lungi Dance’ !!

3) Editing by Steven Bernard bores to the brim, especially after the intermission !!

EQUATION REVERSER: Red Chillies Entertainment is Shah Rukh Khan’s own production house…Expectedly, right from the opening scene, the entire focus was on the character played by him..Gradually, the whole story unfolds its magic (if it’s even felt) through the hero..In such a male-dominated movie, there always lies a strong possibility of sidelining the heroine..But, here is the point where the equation inversely reversed !!

Deepika Padukone wins all the accolades for her powerful screen presence + acting skill + humor quotient & dialogue delivery without overdoing anything..Probability of using her as a decorative furniture was quite high since the screenplay (Yunus Sajawal + Robin Bhatt) desperately supported the male lead + movie was full of cheap dance sequences…Thankfully, that did not happen !!

On the flip side, Shah Rukh Khan’s performance looked quite ordinary..In many scenes, he overacted + looked over confident..Only ray of hope is, probably he can’t go downwards anymore from this point & again make some good acting-oriented movies rather than showcasing his power as a superstar !!

SCENIC DISCUSSION: Nobody expected realism or any depth from ‘Chennai Express’..Still, some scenes looked so misplaced, that I can’t help mentioning them !!

a) When Meena (as a bride) successfully managed to escape with Rahul during her wedding in Kumban village, she was shown wearing a Red South Indian Silk Saree only, carrying nothing else along with her…Quite logical, since the opportunity came unexpectedly on her way & she was not prepared for it beforehand..Now, through her dangerous journey with Rahul for a few more days, in jungle/river side/rough rural roads, she managed to wear three different colored/designed sarees along with different/matching jewelleries until they landed safely in a friendly village…

How come this happened ? No logic !!

b) Meena, as shown in the movie, is basically a village girl, who wears only traditional South Indian attire…But, she can speak English fluently, like a urban Convent-educated girl + pins up her saree with lots of safety pins like urban fashion style rather than conventional draping of saree, done usually by village ladies !!

Not an eye-sore, but, such disparity can raise your eye-brows for sure !!

FINALLY: My suggestion; Go for this movie, only if,

1) Someone pays you the bus/train ticket or Taxi fare needed to reach the cinema hall from your residence,

2) Pays your movie ticket price and,

3) Again pays your taxi fare to come back home safely (this time, you cannot come by crowded bus or train, for your retina/eustachian valve are likely to get damaged by intense color & high decibel sound wave during the show) !!

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